Vietravel – A Professional Travel Organiser


Becoming “A professional travel organiser” has been the principle and mission of Vietravel Company throughout its more than 18 years of constant development and renovation.

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The Vietnam Travel and Marketing Transport Joint-stock Company (Vietravel) was established on the basis of the Centre of Tourism – Marketing and Investment Services (Tracodi Tourmis) under the Ministry of Transport.

Vietravel – A Professional Travel Organiser
Vietravel – A Professional Travel Organiser

In the initial days after Vietravel was established in December, 1995 it faced many difficulties in the tourist market, lacking employees, funds and facilities. But with a dynamic, determination to overcome difficulties and an effective business strategy, the company has gradually developed.

So far, in the domestic market, Vietravel has established its branches throughout the country, from the northern province of Lao Cai to Phu Quoc Island and the southern province of Ca Mau, and has become the only travel company with the largest number of branches in Vietnam. In the international market, it has opened tours to all continents. Now the company has over 1,000 employees with six member companies doing tourist business.

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In 2013, Vietravel organised over 1,000 domestic and international tours for about 480,000 travelers and reached a turnover of 3,062 billion dong. The company has been awarded a lot of awards and titles in the field of tourism for many consecutive years. Most notably, it has been listed among the top 16 travel companies in Asia and has become the only tourist company of Vietnam achieving two World Travel Awards 2013 in Dubai. It has also been awarded the First, Second and Third-Class Labour Medals by the State.

Vietravel launched its website
Vietravel launched its website

The strategy of great investment in the application of technology in trading and the attractive policies on customer care of the company has achieved satisfactory results. On January 30, 2007 Vietravel launched its website It was the first online tour booking website in Vietnam, helping create a link between the company and its customers all the time and everywhere. The company has effectively operated the website, a direct communication and advice channel for customers. Its customer care policies, such as setting up a bank account with 0% interest rate for loyal customers, giving discounts on tours which are booked online and giving promotions for restaurant and entertainment services have helped increase the number of customers of the company. Vietravel is a pioneer in the discovery and expansion of the tourist market. It has equally developed the inbound, domestic and outbound tours.

Organising tours according to the customers’ tastes is the strength of the company. Vietravel organises long tours to the orchard areas in the Cuu Long River delta for visitors from Europe and gives priority to investing in the beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts with delicious seafood along the central beaches, which have attracted tourists from Russia and China. The Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia trans-tours organised by Vietravel have satisfied the finicky Japanese tourists.

Also, the company has attached importance to the organisation of tours based on the customers’ income. There are tours to popular destinations in Asia and Southeast Asia for customers with a medium income and tours to Hong Kong, China and Japan for customers with a high income. The high-grade tours to European countries, the United States, Australia and Dubai are attracting an increasing number of tourists.